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Pay the price for cheap

In today’s Solar market why would you buy a cheap system, there is only a couple of hundred dollars between the cheep panels and the tier 1 panels, yes we can do systems cheaper than anyone but I intend to be in business in years to come where the entrepreneurs will have taken the cash and run. They will not be around when your system breaks down and possibly taken your warranty’s with them.

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Solar rebate on the radar.

Once again the government is about to shake up the solar industry.

There are rumblings that the rebate is going to be removed from solar installs.

This will mean an increase of between 25%-50%.

Solar is so affordable now it really is the time to buy.

Even Commercial solar is affordable if you are renting the premises.

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Better value than ever

Today the price of solar systems is much better than ever before.
When I started installing solar systems 2 and a half years ago the price of a 1 kilowatt system was in the range of 14 to16 k and now we are installing a 3kilowatt system for around $10,000. Now a 3kilowatt system will create around 12 kilowatt hours a day and if you feed the majority of this into the grid (brisbane) it will equate to 25 kw hours a day that you can save.
I have a 2.8 kw system on my house and receive around $300 a quarter from my electricity provider.

Solar Rebate Brisbane

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Slashed Again.

Once again the government has upset the Solar Industry. This is the third time in as many years.

On the 6th of May 2011 it was announced that the REC’s would be reduced from 4x to 3x on top of the previous announcement that the REC’s would be dropping to 4x a year early.

One of the reasons for the REC’s being dropped is the amount that are being generated and the clearing house not being able to sell them quick enough. Now part of this may be to do with the Clean energy Council allowing solar installers to getting away with having unqualified staff installing systems.

For mind It would be nice if the Clean energy council would do a bit more to make sure that scrupulous operators  are held accountable to do the right thing, for the industry.

Solar Power Brisbane

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Farming solar

This would have to be one of the best opportunities that I have ever seen.

The average house hold can install up to 10kw depending on available room on there roof. this earns you around $20 a day. This is pretty much guaranteed as long as the sun shines. This figure is based on a 50c grid feed tariff (gft), which is offered in Queensland.

The 10 kw farm is the maximum size per phase of electricity so if you have a little more land and three phase power you can install up to 30kw and still get the gft. It is possible to build a bigger farm but 30 kw is best value for money.

So if you are interested in building a solar farm in Brisbane follow this link to our website and contact us to find out more.

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