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Solar Power is one of today necessities for the home owner, with the price of electricity going through the roof, 20% last year and another 20% this year. Currently the price for a 1.5 Kw system is around the $2000 mark to the custom with the system being subsidized by the amount of $6000. This amount is being reduced to around $5000 in the new financial year. A 1.5Kw system will save approximately 12 Kw hours a day off your power bill, depending on your situation.

When doing your research you need to know how long it will be until the installation is done. Some companies can take up to a year to do the actual install.

Best value to the customer at the current time is a 1.5 Kw system, as the RECs is times 5 up to 1.5 Kw, therefor this is what Brisbane Solar & Electrical  offer as a standard system. If you are after a bigger system that is great we can do that too.

Currently the Grid Feed Tariff is a minimum of 44c (some electricity providers pay more) per Kw hour this is a major advantage of installing a grid feed system, making the time the system will pay for itself in the vicinity of 4 years compared to the old prices (around $15 000) where it took up to 20 years to pay for the system.


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